About us

About us

About us



SOLA was founded and inherited the experiences and solutions of experienced and enthusiastic members in the field of IoT integration in Online monitoring systems & solutions, and remote control for industrial IoT ( IIoT).

SOLA takes "People" as the center of the company_People here, including Suppliers, Customers, Partners, Colleagues... & the whole community. Taking the core value system "3T-2C-1H: HONESTY - RESPONSIBILITY - SINCERITY - COMMITMENT - QUALITY - LEARNING" as a guideline in all activities, behaviors, and decisions of individuals, of the collective, of the enterprise with customers, partners, colleagues... Taking the Culture of "7 Effective Habits" to build a young - dynamic - united - enthusiastic intellectual community. Promoting creativity, awakening, and strongly developing human potential in each individual and collective.

SOLA determine to affirm the position of a young enterprise, a Vietnamese brand of DYNAMIC - MODERN - PROFESSIONAL. We commit to bringing the highest quality products and solutions, helping to connect the community through IoT technology.


Our Goals

Bringing quality products, providing the best solutions, contributing to improving the quality of life & management capacity, enhancing the experience for Customers & Businesses, helping to use resources efficiently, Connecting the community through IoT technology.


Our Mission

- Improving product quality & life quality.

- Providing the best solutions to the community.


SOLA has built and applied the quality management system ISO 9001 - 2015 with the aim of increasingly improving the quality of products and solutions provided to customers.